Saturday, August 22, 2009

About Me

In addition to being a rather eccentric 25-year-old housewife in Bloomington, I am also an avid reader of early 20th-century British/Scottish/Australian novels, a slightly obsessive list-writer/color-coordinator, a shy but enthusiastic accompanist, a graduate assistant in a music admissions office, and a current grad student finishing up my M.M. in opera performance. I like hiking, drawing, baking, shopping (for anything), guinea pigs, horses, traveling the world/going on adventures with my husband, making stuff, wrapping presents, being outside, going to movies, learning about stuff, reading (constantly) and talking with my family and best friends. I love singing, and can't imagine life without it, but it's only a part of my life. The best and biggest part is being married to my best friend (who is, among other things, a brilliant mathematician, violinist, pianist, teacher, composer, arranger, generous dish-washer, trash taker-outer, incredibly hard worker, and genius). We've been married for over seven years, and it just gets better every day.  We've had an indescribably wonderful time growing up together, going on adventures, learning more about this crazy world and everything in it, and working on being better people.
The name for this blog came from some well-meaning and extremely loving singer friends who were teasing me about my new-found couponing obsession, and suggested I start a blog about saving money called "Bloomington Housewife." Great idea, guys! :-D

In couponing, I've discovered a way to merge two distinct parts of myself: the part which is entertained for hours by sketching things with my husband or reading a book or looking at clouds and who would never in a million years purchase a $10 lip gloss; and the part of me which sheepishly admits to totally wanting to get that fancy $10 lip gloss, but then not buying it out of respect for our budget and savings. Now I've discovered ways to get that lip gloss for FREE, to buy higher-quality, well-fitting, pretty clothes for drastically reduced prices, and to find lots of fun presents for family and friends! And I'm not a homeschooling mom in a denim jumper who has 20 kids...although I do love the homeschooling moms wearing denim jumpers who have 20 kids...I am just a chick who wants to live well while saving money. You can do this too! Yay!