Monday, August 24, 2009

Where to Find Coupons: The Sunday Paper

Have you ever flipped through those colorful coupon inserts found in your Sunday newspaper, and then tossed them in the recycling because "All that stuff is way too expensive to begin with, so those coupons won't save me any money"? Me too. But now that I've discovered the secret to couponing success (matching up coupons with awesome sales/promos and then stockpiling the items in question so you won't have to buy them at a higher price)(wow, that's a long secret), I've realized that the Sunday paper is INVALUABLE. If you don't already receive the Sunday paper, try You can save quite a bit by subscribing through that site as opposed to the newspaper's own office.

Most hard-core couponers purchase about four to six papers every Sunday. Yes. Four to six. Every Sunday. That way, when something goes on an awesome sale, they can stock up even more than usual, because they have more coupons to use. This makes sense, but I'm taking baby steps into this world of couponing, and am not quite at the "four-to-six papers" level yet. Plus, I live in a tiny apartment that has almost no storage space, so I couldn't do major stockpiling even if I wanted to. I can only stockpile two or three items ahead. :-(

So here's what I do. Every week, I check out this awesome site: Scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see a "Preview Pages" column. Click on the upper-most date. ...See? This awesome person previews every coupon insert that will be in the paper on that date! This way I'm able to decide--based on how often I use certain products, how often they go on sale, and what the actual value of each coupon is--whether or not it's worth it for me to buy the paper that Sunday. (I can't do a weekly subscription because the local paper won't deliver to my address. *pout*)
Adding the Sunday paper's coupon inserts to my couponing arsenal was my second step (after learning about internet printables) on the journey to couponing. It's been VERY valuable so far.