Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why I Love Couponing

1. Routinely saving 50-80% off grocery shopping transactions is absolutely exhilirating. Seeing our monthly food spending cut in half is thrilling. Walking out of the store with 15 items purchased for $0.25 total is SUCH A TRIP. Seriously. Try it. It's so much fun.

2. By matching up sales and coupons, expensive/name brand/"fancy" items become incredibly cheap, allowing us to try fun stuff and, in some cases, raise our standard of living by purchasing better-quality products. This applies to grocery store and drug store purchases, but also to purchases from "nice" clothing stores and places like The Body Shop, Victoria's Secret, and more. This way Joel and I get to have some fun, "fancy" things every once in a while without blowing our budget or encroaching on our savings.

3. It is SO FUN to get out my little scrapbooking slicey thing and cut out coupons, and then organize them and update my coupon database. It's a Type A's dream.

4. By saving so much money on household items/personal care items/food, we can afford to purchase more organic/local produce, meat and dairy products. This is awesome. And we can afford to go on fun adventures together. This is also awesome.